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GSA Contracts: Are You Giving Uncle Sam Your Lowest Price?
by Robert D. Grimm, CPCM

There are many potentially costly pitfalls for the naive organizations that are trying to obtain a Federal Supply Schedule contract. Read this article to learn what many an unwitting federal contractor wishes it had known before entering into a FSS contract with Uncle Sam. Click here to read this article.

Competitive Intelligence in the Federal Market
by Robert D. Grimm, CPCM, Fellow

This article is designed to provide insight to the type of information available from the federal government via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and how that data can improve sales force effectiveness and its use in determining the sales potential of the government as a buyer of goods and services. It offers practical advice on what can be done with the data as well as an instructional link on how to make a FOIA request. Other links are provided to help users locate the specific agency and contacts within the FOIA department of the agency. Click here to read this article.